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5 Stubborn Stains That Need Professional Window Washing Experts

Sparkling windows boost your curb appeal, preserves their functionality, and attract deserving attention. Investing in professional window washing services retains your property’s charm and your window’s efficiency. Exposure to nature’s elements makes this labor-intensive exercise that can be challenging.

Relying on Thee Window Ninjas in Sun Lakes experts to extensively wash your windows keeps them in their best shape. Thee Window Ninjas uses the proper techniques, products, and equipment to remove even the most stubborn stains from your windows, whether for residential or commercial properties.

Your glass windows are susceptible to staining, and these unsightly marks adversely impact your property’s visual aesthetics. Clean and clear windows brighten your home or business as natural light penetrates with ease. Thee Window Ninjas experts are highly trained in eliminating all the tough stains from your Sun Lakes windows

Top 5 stubborn stains that require expert window cleaning:

  1. Hard Water – These stains are most common, especially when the water you depend upon contains excessive minerals. Although the water that lands on your window surfaces may evaporate, its mineral content leaves behind stubborn and annoying spots. White or grey hard water stains make your windows cloudy, distort sunlight, and obstructs your view. Thee Window Ninjas specialists warn you against facing sprinklers and other sources of hard water in direct line with your windows. Our Sun Lakes expert window washers undergo extensive training to reverse the ill effects of hard water window damage. With our residential and commercial window washing skills, we are able to restore the original sheen of these essential provisions.
  2. Glass Oxidation – A grey haze covering your windows and appears like etching or screen burns is invariably attributed to glass oxidation. The latter occurs when your window glass is near metal that often gets wet. Metals, when exposed to humidity or rain, deteriorate, and wear down. The resultant oxidation penetrates through neighboring glass surfaces causing stubborn staining. Windows with metal screens are most vulnerable to such oxidation. After washing your windows properly, our Sun Lakes experts from Thee Window Ninjas apply a protective sealant to safeguard your glass from this unwanted haze.
  3. Chemical Discoloration – Should you make the mistake of carrying out an amateur residential or commercial window washing attempt, chemical damage cannot be ruled out. Aggressive chemical solutions you think will clean your window surfaces often cause more harm than good. Glass windows that cannot withstand such harsh chemical exposure start etching, staining, discoloring, and developing scratch marks. Since Thee Window Ninjas has vast experience in this line of cleaning, our Sun Lakes window washers can eliminate most of these visible stains.
  4. Tree Sap – If mature trees and wooded terrain surround your home or business, you will find tree sap sticking to your windows. Once it solidifies, sap creates tiny tar-looking spots that only the window cleaning experts have a knack in removing.
  5. Acid Rain and Salt Deposits – When you live or run a business in a coastal region, sea salt is present in the atmosphere. As it settles on your window glass, it causes cloudy white staining. Similarly, natural elements like acid rain leave unappealing deposits on your window surfaces that necessitate superior residential or commercial window washing.

Combat your stubborn window stains by calling in the knowledgeable Sun Lakes window washing experts associated with Thee Window Ninjas. We guarantee our work and strive on providing the most amazing results every time we visit.

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