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Solar panels are a fantastic idea, and as time goes on, more and more people are having them installed in their homes. However, according to the Solar Energy Power Association, dirty solar panels can lose their efficiency by between 20-25%. That is a huge amount of energy that you could be losing just through something as simple as them not being clean. At Reach Window Cleaning, we offer affordable and easy solar panel cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, to ensure that your panels are always in optimal condition. Our service will mean that you never have to lose your solar panel efficiency again.

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It can be incredibly frustrating working with a company that doesn’t seem to take the job seriously. Perhaps they cut corners, use the wrong tools, or don’t seem confident in what they’re doing. When you pay for a service, you expect nothing less than professionals. At Reach Window Cleaning, that is exactly what we are. Our highly-skilled team is trained and professional 100% of the time. You’ll never have to deal with unprofessional companies again when we’re on the job.

At Reach Solar Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, we provide our customers with the lowest rates possible no matter what job we’re doing. One of the reasons that we have managed to build up such a quality reputation is that we never try to overcharge or underdeliver. We quote fair and affordable prices to everyone, and we’re certain that you won’t find better in the area. Now is the perfect time to be paying low rates for high standards of work.

Your solar panels are designed to convert the sun’s energy into usable energy for your home. However, if your panels become dirty, they won’t be able to collect sunlight and generate energy as efficiently. Over time, this can cause significant wear and tear on your system. To avoid these issues and ensure that your solar panels are functioning effectively, it’s essential to invest in high-quality cleaning services from experienced professionals. Our team uses specialized cleaning solutions that are designed to maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels while also maximizing their UV exposure and power generation potential.

Why Choose Our Gilbert Solar Panel Cleaning?

The best and most affordable way to maintain your solar panels is by having them professionally cleaned. Clean panels are more effective and give you a better return on your investment. At Reach Window Cleaning, we are specialists in solar panel cleaning in Gilbert, AZ. We are highly skilled and trained and know exactly how to handle cleaning something that is a precious part of your property. Our cleaning service will leave your panels in the best condition. Your panels will have a much better output, and the cleaning can even help the batteries last longer. Overall, solar panel cleaning is a simple solution for any solar panel owner.

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Frequently Asked Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

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While the answer is dependent on the size of the job, we can tell you that we offer the most affordable rates in the area. We pride ourselves on our low rates, and it’s one of the many reasons why our customers come back to our services time and time again. Give us a call, and we can give you a quote based on your needs.

According to the Solar Energy Power Association, dirty solar panels can lose their efficiency by between 20-25%. This is the equivalent of thousands of dollars that you could lose over the lifetime of your panel. The low cost of panel cleaning is more than worth it based on this.

Since the majority of solar panels are on the roof, we would never advise anyone to try and handle the job themselves. This is a dangerous job that requires training, skill, and the right equipment. The safest option is to hire professionals like Reach Window Cleaning to do the work for you.

Since panels are on the exterior of the home, it’s not essential that you’re in when we do the work. This can often be more convenient given the fact that many people are busy at work or running errands. However, if you would feel more comfortable being there, you’re more than welcome to be.

Cleaning your solar panels effectively involves taking into account a number of factors. These include the size and quantity of panels you have, as well as their level of dirtiness. By providing us with this information when requesting a quote or scheduling an appointment, we can better estimate how long our professional team will need to complete the task at hand. Generally speaking, most projects take roughly a couple of hours on average to be completed thoroughly and effectively.

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